Faculty Research Laboratories

Current Project

  • Increase the number of Duke Engineering labs with Green Laboratory Certifications

What is Green Laboratory Certification?

Research labs are energy-intensive—five times more energy than other campus spaces, on average. A single fume hood, for example, can cost $5,000 per year to power, a utility cost equal to 3.5 typical homes. 

Green Certification is a program of the Office of Sustainability that offers laboratory leaders and staff practical ways to reduce energy use and waste.

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Sustainability opportunities include:

  • Using Energy Star-rated appliances
  • Not using single-pass equipment cooling or water-powered aspirators
  • Following Duke's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guidelines
  • Recycling EPS styrofoam, cardboard and plastic film

Certification is offered at three levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Level is based on the number of items completed on the certification checklist.

Certified labs are recognized with a Duke Green Labs Certification badge.

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What You Can Do

  • Faculty: Seek the Green Certification for your lab. More information »
  • Staff: Discuss Green Certification with your lab team and assist with certification efforts
  • Students: Discuss sustainability and Green Certification with your lab leader


Get started on greening your lab by browsing this information-packed online presentation.

Duke Engineering labs are eligible for rebates of $3,286 to $5,000 to offset the cost of purchase.

A free, one-hour Sustainable Laboratories Workshop will be held at noon-1 p.m., Monday, April 15, in Schiciano Auditorium, Side A.