Who We Are

Each day at Duke Engineering, all of us together are working in one way or another to solve global challenges and make the world a better place.

Many of our research efforts are focused on improving individual, environmental and population health, and to making our world more efficient, resilient and sustainable.

Recognizing that we can use our expertise to improve our own community, Dean Ravi V. Bellamkonda has challenged Duke Engineering to become greener, more environmentally friendly and more sustainable—in our offices, labs, and classrooms, in our events, and in the public spaces.

We call this effort GREENgineering.

Team Members




Duke Office of Sustainability

Ravi V. Bellamkonda *

Mike Bergin *

Volker Blum

Marc Deshusses*

Jessilyn Dunn

Lee Ferguson *

Henri Gavin

Guerry Grune

Heileen Hsu-Kim *

Mark Palmeri

Sophia Santillan

Lisa Satterwhite

David Schaad *

Jonathan Viventi

Mark Wiesner *

Rabih Younes 

Emma Albright

Amanda Archambeau

Martha Betancur

David Bradway

August Burns *

Kip Coonley

Jessi Cruger

Ellen Currin

Steve Earp

Carolyn Gilbert

Justin Gladman

Minnie Glymph *

Holly Leddy

Ben Locascio *

Adrienne Pittman

Kelly Rockwell *

Mark Schreiner *

Lena Trotochaud

Quiana Tyson*

Mitchell Vann *

Deb Wojcik

Trisha Dupnock *

Kat Horvarth

Neel Kurupassey

Tracy Lu *

Abby Mrvos

Sagar Shah

Emma Rose Shore

Natalie Rozman

Rishi Tripathy

Jake Ulrich * 

Nikki Votaw

Garrett McKeown Wessler

Tavey Capps

Jason Elliott

Rebecca Hoeffler

* Core Committee